The wealth of human knowledge inherent in the creative and design process, in the mastery of ancient and contemporary techniques, is an invaluable resource and we want to see it shared.
This is why Lumina makes dedicated space to hold organized courses for small groups in goldsmithing and jewellery design, both for beginners and for the more experienced in jewelry craft and design.


A key concept of our vision is to empower the artist by eliminating the typical chasm between the realms of design and of manual crafting, between the designer and the craftsperson, between art and its execution.

To provide an alternative to typical multi-year courses in academies, which are often unsuited for the employed, the advanced, and those looking to retrain or add to their professional qualification, the flexible and modular didactics we have developed consists of medium-duration courses, seminars and workshops. Our curricula are devised to complement and interconnect, in order to allow students to personalize their own training path on the basis of individual aims, availability and resources.
It is our further objectives to promote the acquisition of a variety of techniques and disciplines, in order to enrich our students’ discernment, culture and creative potential.

Our courses

+ Design and Modelling in Wax (three stages): soft wax technique, wax casting technique, hard wax technique

+ Bench technique

+ Computer-aided design (CAD)

+ Bijoux composition

+ Resin and upcycling

+ Soutache

+ Workshop and individual tutoring


Our aspiration is to create synergy not only between the different realms of goldsmithing but also between the makers and the seekers of creativity.

The crafting of a jewel requires hours of work and continually increasing costs of materials and ancillary services. Lumina is set up as a “home” to facilitate artists, young craftsmen, and students in carrying out their projects, thanks to supporting initiatives that help contain their investments. Our students will find support via:

+ group purchases
+ deals and conventions with suppliers and specialized laboratories
+ gallery space for the display of their work, and our direct assistance for the completion of individual projects

scheduled courses

To find out more about our courses, or for specific queries,

write to us – we’ll be happy to answer!

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