Lost Wax Technique / Goldsmith Sculpting Course – Level 2

Lost Wax Technique / Goldsmith Sculpting Course, i.e. Wax Modelling

Level 2 – Hard Wax

Level 2 of our wax modelling course is aimed at designers, artists and creative people who have already mastered the basics of modelling in soft wax and now wish to perfect the hard wax technique.

These are two fundamentally different modelling techniques: with the former, the piece is built up by manipulation and addition, while with the latter it is created by elimination, as done in stone sculpture.

The hard wax process requires the use of different tools as those for soft wax, such as calipers, compasses, files, electric drill and bits.

The course consists of 12 sessions of 3 hours each, held on a weekly basis, and aims to teach the specific procedures for hard wax.

At its completion, you will have acquired the practical and theoretical knowledge necessary to autonomously craft any type of jewellery, from rings to earrings, from pendants to bracelets. The hard wax technique is indispensable not only for modelling pieces in high relief or all-round, but also for executing projects that require greater control of symmetries, thicknesses and volumes.

If you’re interested in receiving the detailed syllabus, or would like to book the upcoming course, please contact us.