Lost Wax Technique / Goldsmith Sculpting Course – Level 3

Lost Wax Technique / Goldsmith Sculpting Course, i.e. Wax Modelling

Level 3 – Hot Wax Dripping

Level 3 of our wax modelling course is aimed at designers, artists and creative people who are looking to use wax modelling as an expressive medium to create metal microsculptures. Using just a few simple tools, you’ll be complex, truly artistic pieces.

The course consists in 12 sessions of 3 hours each, held on a weekly basis. At its completion, you will have acquired the practical skills and theoretical knowledge necessary to autonomously craft jewellery of various kinds, medals and minor all-round objects. You will discover that wax dripping is the ideal technique for creating organic figures that are descriptive and pictorial, evoking both movement and expressiveness by applying the true principles of monumental sculpture to a more minute scale.

If you are interested in receiving the detailed syllabus, or would like to book the upcoming course, please contact us.